“Never say can’t.”
These words are the motto by which Barbara Preema teaches.
In the year and a half that I have been studying yoga under Barbara, I have gained balance, strength and flexibility I thought I never had. I have seen my classmates do the same. Even better, Barbara emphasizes peaceful meditation and “letting go,” which is so important in our fast-paced and high stress society. She devotes time to each of us, her students, to make sure we are doing positions correctly, all the while giving us the confidence we need to believe in ourselves. Barbara is tough on posture and pushing your body to strengthen it. At the same time, she cares deeply about her students and our yoga practice and overall welfare. She can sense if anybody is feeling stress or pain and she works tirelessly to help students overcome the negative and move towards peace and joy. She clearly loves practicing and teaching yoga and she has a loyal following because of it.

Thank you, Barbara. You are the best!


I have only been practicing yoga for a little over a year.  So, I decided to take a class being taught by Barbara Prema Brown, Aging Agelessly, at Yogaville.  I didn’t know what to expect.  However, it turned out to be the most relaxing mini-vacation of my life.  The class was fun and most informative.  Thank you Prema for advising me to participate!
During my stay, I was able to join in other activities such as hatha yoga, restorative yoga, guided meditation and chanting.  
Yogaville is not only beautiful but a peaceful retreat. All who work or volunteer are truly there to serve.  If ever you have an opportunity to take Aging Agelessly with Barbara Prema Brown, I urge you to do so.
Virginia Meredith

I have studied yoga with Barbara for six years; she is my first and favorite yoga instructor. I love that she is open to working with all levels of students and that she constantly learns new techniques to incorporate in her teaching. Not just a great instructor, Barbara also creates a comfort level and sense of community in her classes that is rare.
Marsha Shuler

The experience in Costa Rica in June 2013 under Barbara Prema Brown’s direction was outstanding in every way. She chose a most beautiful and inspiring location for our yoga retreat and classes — it was spacious,filled with beautiful plants and birds, and was perfect for a yoga retreat–enough activities but also time forquiet and meditation. The opportunity for healing massages was also a wonderful benefit, and we all were delighted with the superb food!


As a Member of Zacharias Ganey Institute, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Barbara “Prema” Brown at my first yoga class 6 years ago. I was a novice that day and did not know what I was doing much less think that I was up to the challenge of participating in yoga. I must say that I cherish the day that I attended this class because yoga is an integral part of my lifestyle. I feel better, look better and I am conscious of my posture at all times. I am thankful for meeting Barbara and introducing me to yoga.


Barbara Prema Brown is a highly skilled, sensitive, and very intuitive yoga instructor. She develops a knowledge base to better understand the individual needs of each one of her yogis. She then tailors sessions to meet the needs of those individuals.

I have been taking chair yoga classes with Barbara for over two years. She has helped me improve overall flexibility, strength and the confidence to realize my best ability to do the work involved. Barbra is a very capable and caring instructor who has a genuine interest in the success of her students to enjoy the best quality of life possible. I would recommend her to anyone beginning yoga or to the experienced student to increase their enjoyment of the practice.

The first time Barbara Prema saw me she said “I can help you.” I had terrible posture with a neck that stuck out. I believed her as I could sense that she really wanted to help. She has continued to care and help. I realized that she always takes a special interest in all her Yogi’s.
Charlotte H. Bick